A Terrible Student In An Excellent Educational System by Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal

“The Book that hard to put into any categories, It is a sort of one student’s adventures, the student that uncommon and distinct in our own time ”

Prajak Kongkirati, Lecturer at Political Science Faculty,Thammasat University


“A Terrible Student In An Excellent Educational System” isn’t his first book but is indeed one that came to define his identity by its title.  In it, he describes his personal experiences spanning a period of six years.   The narrative covers the hostile state of student and teacher’s community, being labeled for expressing difference in opinion and the kind of treatment that ensued, being faced with opposition from his teachers as well as fellow students and the struggle on his part to create meaning leading to other possibilities in the school community, his encounters with intellectuals and students from other schools as well as documenting his thoughts and words within the school and elsewhere.
The book is semi-autobiographical and includes evidence such as letters and statements made on various issues. It might also be of use as a handbook or sorts for students of the next generation who wish to conduct activism of their own.
He dedicates this book to teachers who have supported him in the same way as he does to teachers who have opposed him thus enabling him to be the person he is today.  Most importantly he wishes to recognize teachers and students of the future who, with or without having read his book and whether or not they are inspired by it, will emerge as teachers and students who give up and who will embrace the possibility of becoming agents of change.
With Forward by Nidhi Eoseewong (Professor of History, Fukuoka Prize)
Prajak Kongkirati, (Lecturer at Political Science Faculty,Thammasat University), Varis Likitanusorn (Young Scholar) and Wipawan Wongsawang (Thai consent founder)