(Thai) คำประกาศอดอาหารประท้วงในวันที่สองของเดือนมิถุนายน (Thai Translation of LIU XIAOBO’s THE JUNE SECOND HUNGER STRIKE DECLARATION)

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(Thai) จดหมายจากคุกเมืองเบอร์มิงแฮม (Thai Translation of Dr.King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail)

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‘I Have No Enemies: Selected Essays of Liu Xiaobo’ The Book to Expose Chinese Dictatorship Now Available to Thai People

I Have No Enemies: Selected Essays of Liu Xiaobo

Forward by Perry Link and Joshua Wong

Selected and Translated by Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal, Chayanggoon Thamma-un and friends

Liu Xiaobo ‘s first book in Thai language; the cover imitating Xi Jinping’s and Mao’s red book

Praise for I Have No Enemies

“His Essays can therefore be a guide to all people,be they Chinese, Thai, American or any other nationality. Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal and his colleagues have done an immense service in putting the words of this important thinker into Thai”

Professor Perry Link, Princeton University

“Liu Xiaobo was a pacifist, a fighter, and a lover. Few can dispute that Liu was one ofthe most patriotic people in China … The non-violence championed by Liu in his protests for democracy and freedom continues to inspire many activists in Hong Kong after his tragic passing. What I have experienced as a political prisoner in nothing compared to what Liu Xiaobo had to go through, but served as source of light during my time in prison”

Joshua Wong, Political activist

This book dedicated to Liu Xiaobo, Liu Xia (his wife) and all fighters for freedom and democracy in China. You inspire us to keep fighting for genuine democracy in Thailand

“I Have No Enemies; Selected Essays of Liu Xiaobo” is the first book which collects Liu’s essay and exposes the dictatorship in China published in Thai.

I am pleased to inform you that “I Have No Enemies”, which had been together translating by me and my friends in Chulalongkorn University since last year, is now (November 2018) available.

There is no better time for this book to be published in Thai than now! This is the time when we are under junta prime minister, who was supported by Xi Jinping. Thai people should be aware and know what China are facing right now.

Every Thai people should read!

You can support this book and purchase your own copy in this link https://samyanpress.bentoweb.com/th/product/461890/product-461890?category_id=98560

We appreciate every copy. Every copy you buy supports our student-based publisher to publish more books and indirectly support democracy movement in China.

the launch of Xi’s book in Thai, the deputy minister and many people in Thai government came to the event.




An Introduction Speech for Fahmi Reza – “Art as a Weapon to Fight Against Najib and His Corrupt Government”

Hello, everybody.

Fahmi speaking about how he used art against Njib and corrupted regime.

Today, we have a very special lecturer –Mr. Fahmi Reza, my fellow activist from Malaysia. He had received many awards such as the Most Outstanding Human Rights Film award for his documen

tary and the finalist for Freedom of Expressions award. However, he is not well-known among Thais. We are more familiar with other activists outside our ASEAN. In reality, the people of ASEAN bear many similar common grounds in our ways of lives, not to mention of abusing rights of people that is negative common which we has been shared. If we understand more about our neighbors, we would understand ourselves more easily. Similarly, if we learn more and work to understand how they are able to change their countries to be better, to overthrow corrupt regime in their country, then we might be able to do so in ours. Fahmi has a deep understanding also of our October 14th incident in 1973, which I think a lot of  Thais not knowing it comparable to him.

Me and Fahmi Reza after the event.


He appreciated much our fighting in that day, and he said we were very fortunate to have this history – the victory of people. I hope this attitude shared with our fellow citizens nowadays. Today, there might not be too many people in this meeting room, but the whole session will be recorded. Today, in the historical perspective, will be another important day in our history. The talks he will give us now, the things he will say, everything will be of use to us, citizens of Thailand. Hereby, it is my great honor to present to you; my friend, Mr. Fahmi Reza

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal


Political Science Faculty, Chulalongkorn University



“Time is On Our Side: The Book for Joshua Wong’s 21stBirthday” was born out of my intentions to do something in return to my friend and inspiration Joshua Wong for what he has given to the youth of Thailand and also the youth of the world, who fight for democracy and a chance to be empowered to determine in the decisions that will direct the course of their society.

Not long after getting the idea to write this book, Pawat Akarapipattana, A friend from Chulalongkorn University’s science program, offered a hand to help write it. While this book was in the process of being written, Joshua was sentenced to prison even though the court had initially decided against it because of pressure from The Government of China, who believed that his punishment would be too light otherwise. Joshua’s friend and colleague from The Demosisto Party, Nathan Law, was also sentenced essentially disqualifying them from political positions in the future in a clear act of bullying.

This book was written to send a message that the citizens of Thailand are not silent, we acknowledge what has happened and support them, which is why Pawat and I set out to publish this book as a celebration of Joshua’s 21stbirthday. Unfortunately, Joshua celebrated his birthday alone in a prison cell. The publishing and release date of this book has been pushed back due to situations surrounding the King Rama 9th’s funeral and delays regarding the translation process. During the process of creating this book, Joshua and Nathan have been released on bail, we do not know whether this freedom will be permanent or not.

This book was not written just to celebrate Joshua’s birthday, but also to memorialize the injustice he has been handed in the minds of the people of Thailand, thus, we wrote this book with expectations that it will be important to activist movements in Thailand as well as people who thrive for a peaceful and just society. As such, we have translated immortalized essays from great activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. (Letter from a Birmingham Jail) and Liu Xiaobo (THE June Second Hunger Strike Declaration). The letter and declaration has never before been translated into Thai despite their importance. We have also included a never before translated interview of Joshua Wong in his youth before, becoming a prominent activist. We have also asked professors in American history studies, China studies and Joshua Wong’s best friend to write forewords for each chapter so readers will not only get to read selected passages but also insightful commentary.

Parts of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Joshua’s Demosisto Party; the funds will be used to fight for justice for the people of Hong Kong who are faced with fascists both from within Hong Kong and from Mainland China. Any other proceeds will be given to the ‘Muslim for Peace’ foundation in order to help Rohingya victims of violence, our fellow human brethren who are being persecute, murdered and are facing indescribable suffering.

Dr. King had written in the Letter from Birmingham Jail Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”We may never reach true democracy if we are still when suffering and injustice happen to fellow human brethren. We hope that this book will be a signal that we are ready to take a step towards true democracy, which we are ready to not leave each other and to learn from each other, to build friendships among each other. Rise up youth of the world and come together as one!

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal

Pawat Akarapipattana

5thof November 2017

Translated by Suparada Phillips

The Statement on being charged by the Junta second time

I just got accused of participating in the wrongful protest along with 42 people by the junta. The protest took place on February 10. To be honest, as a pro-democracy amateur writer, I only went there to sell my new books which I think they will contribute some benefit to democratic movement. I did nothing wrong in any common sense, and every expression is the rights of the people to reflect the problems that happen in their country. As a citizen of this country, I have the rights to do so. Being accused by the junta which is dishonest and corrupt is by no means, not anything but only honour to me, who has been its victim and its rightful opponent. For this decline time of the Junta, I have nothing more to say to my fellow Thai citizens but only one quote from one of the U.S. former presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt : “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

PS. This picture was taken by my friend on that day. I was giving the roses, which I received from some protesters, to the police who had been ordered to observe and take care of the protest. I would like to clarify that the others and I may be here for different reasons but surely not because of our hatred. We came here as citizens who love our country and it is the rights of everybody to do so. Government has to serve people, not vice versa.

Statement on Being Charged with Crimes against Military Junta

Today I’ve learned that the junta has order me charged with crimes along with six other people after the protest campaign last Saturday.

Allow me, first of all, to clarify that I did not attend the protest as a member of any group. I intended to go there so I can take a stance and ask for general elections, observe the event and ask for proper investigation on Gen. Prawit’s corruption case. However, when I was at the protest, I felt the need to speak something to people for a short amount of time and it was totally unplanned. I never posted that I would attend the protest on my page on Facebook. I never knew there would be another protest on February 10 and I haven’t even considered joining yet.

But if it was wrong for citizens to question what the authorities do with the taxes we paid and if asking or question out loud could get us in trouble, then I don’t think that we should let this kind of people rules our country. My generation will have to suffer the consequences of this government’s dishonesty and corruption. Therefore, I can not let that happen. Being bullied by the authorities this time does not fear me. At least I did something meaningful for our country. It honestly makes me proud to be one of the alleged activists. It was a pleasure to serve our country as a good citizen.

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal