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In 2017, I founded School of “Nisit Sam Yan Press” (สำนักพิมพ์สำนักนิสิตสามย่าน)  with the aim of publishing books written by students  and Thai translations of foreign political and philosophical works.

One way to communicate and educate democracy and open mind is through translation process.

Netiwit’s translation

2017 – Time is on Our Side: A Book for Joshua Wong’s 21st Birthday (Thai: เวลาอยู่ข้างเรา) – It is included the Thai translation of Martin Luther King Jr’s  Letter from a Birmingham Jail ; Liu Xiaobo’sThe June Second Hunger Strike Declaration and Scholarism on the March, the interview of Joshua Wong by New Left Review (co-translated with Pawat Akkarapipattana ) – see the detail

2018 – Messages To Our Century: Three essays of Isaiah Berlin (Thai: แด่ศตวรรษของเรา: ความเรียงสามชิ้นของไอเซยา เบอร์ลิน ) – First time, in Thai translation of Isaiah Berlin’s essays (co-translated with Chayangoon Thamma-un, and Thorntep Maneecheren; translation editor by Phatchon Durongkawin) – see the detail 

  • On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century (Thai: ว่าด้วยทรราชย์: 20 บทเรียนจากศตวรรษที่ 20) by Timothy Snyder ( co-translated with Chayangoon Thamma-un; translation editor by Verita Sriratana) – see the detail
  • A Letters to My Grandchildren: Lessons for the Future (Thai: จดหมายถึงหลานรัก: ข้อคิดจากนักการเมืองไม่กะล่อน) by Tony Benn ( translation editor by Natthanop Plahan) – see the detail
  • The Responsibility of Intellectuals (Thai:  ความรับผิดชอบของปัญญาชน ) by Noam Chomsky (co-translated with Pannathorn Khuankaew) – see the detail
  • I Have No Enemies: selected essays by Liu Xiaobo (Thai: ตัวข้าไซร้ ไร้ศัตรู)  Liu Xiaobo  ( co-translated with Pannathorn Khuankaew,  Chayangoon Thamma-un  and Thapakorn Kaewlangka  translation editor by Carina Chotirawe)  – see the detail
  • Ill Fares The Land by Tony Judt –  the translation is in the process

One thought on “Translated Books”

  1. As a friend I write to you, with a kind and weird request …. when you ask for democracy it is a hollow cry, because most people do not know what “democracry” is and what voting actually means … not a popularity poll but actually a decision about what way to go …
    To go from one point to another it is sometimes necessary to show what democracry could bring …
    hope, better healthcare, less poverty, better education … equality …
    If I were to shout I would shout for an end to poverty … that is the real fight … people do not want to know that they can go vote, when they do not know why they would vote …
    Love from my exile … take care … watching over you …

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