Born on September 10, 1996, Studying at Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, In 2017, I have been elected to be the president of student council of the university. A conscientious objector.

I have defined myself as an artist, who feel challenged to act and solve the puzzle or the problem differently and creatively. I have been campaigning for reforming Thai education because it is the urgent need for Thai society, and have still practiced the everyday duty of general good citizen, that is, speaking truth to power and to powerless and participating in politics for all.

Good memory to be noted


2010 – Founder and the editor in chief of “Pridi” booklet, in school

2011 – Founder and the editor in chief of “Pridi” booklet, outside the school to general readers

2012 –  The editor of  the longest alternative magazine in Thai history, Pacarayasala, and founder and secretary of TERA (Thailand Educational Revolution Alliance)

2013 – Co-founder and the first secretary of high student activist group, Education of Liberation of Siam, The editor of Educational Review

2014 – a gap year at India

2015 – Librarian at social science and intellectual library, Santi Pracha Dhamma Library in Bangkok

2016 – The associated member of student council of Chulalongkorn University

2017 – Elected to be the student council president of Chulalongkorn University, founded the student-run press ‘School of Nisit Sam Yan’